Panama Real Estate For Sale

Dekel Development is an innovative real estate developer in Panama Central America and has consistently been the strongest real estate developer in Panama as well as in the Pedasi and Playa Venao areas. We understand that this beautiful area offers many wonderful benefits and attractive scenery to enjoy and therefore strive to offer the largest listing of Panama real estate property for sale to help this region grow and flourish.

Since 2007, Dekel Development’s strategy has been to become a leader in specific areas of Real Estate in Pedasi such as boutique markets in Pedasi and Casco Viejo in the Republic of Panama. By creating a complete synergy of commercial and residential Panama real estate listings and projects all nestled in a relatively closed environment in an area where assets are developed, constructed, sold and managed in-house to provide the most comprehensive list of real estate investment properties in Panama. So, if you are looking for real estate investment is Casco Viejo, Panama real estate, Playa Venao real estate or real estate in Pedasi; Dekel Development has exactly what you are looking for in a real estate developer in Panama.

The group’s portfolio features real estate projects in key sectors of Costa Rica and Panama such as Casco Viejo Panama real estate and Pedasi Panama real estate. At Dekel Development they start from the development of raw land and expand all the way to the construction of entire communities; Dekel Development continues to deliver a proven track record of success to all targeted Casco Viejo Panama real estate undertakings and has quickly grown to be a predominant real estate developer in Panama and surrounding areas.

With a broad organizational structure existing within Dekel Development it helps to guarantee you will receive the most effective and efficient results when looking for Panama real estate, including in-house sales and marketing departments. Dekel Development alo specializes in legal and accounting services and civil engineering staff with extensive local experience in real estate in Casco Viejo, real estate in Pedasi, Panama real estate and real estate in Playa Venao. Dekel Development is using the very same services as some of the leading names in the advising and service fields such as:

  • HSBC
  • CITI
  • Banoco General
  • Morgan & Morgan
  • Cocige
  • Mallol & Mallol
  • Zürcher
  • E&Y
  • BDO.
    • At Dekel Development our ability is your stability. So, If you are interested in real estate investment in Pedasi or Playa Venao you can count on Dekel Development to provide you with the perfect Panama real estate for sale based on your unique residential or commercial needs in the area. Real Estate in Panama is quickly becoming one of the most sought after properties and a real estate investment in Pedasi can quickly mean a return on your investment. Whether you are looking for a commercial or residential real estate location in Panama, Pedasi, Casco Viejo, Playa Venao or any other nearby area; Dekel Development is the number one real estate developer in Panama so you can be sure that you they will help you with all of your Panama real estate needs.

Andromeda Ocean Estates

Andromeda Ocean Estates is Dekel Panama’s flagship project, a luxury beachfront residential community on the shores of the Azuero peninsula.

Andromeda Hills Estates

Andromeda Hills Lodging is a high-end residential community in the hills overlooking Isla Cañas, near the town of Pedasí on Panama’s Azuero peninsula.


The tropical climate, low cost of living, high quality cheap healthcare, US dollar economy, affordable titled real estate, senior discounts, and being rated as one of the safest countries in Latin America make Panama the best place to retire or invest in a second home.

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