Plaza Pedasi



Plaza Pedasi

Pedasí Plaza is Pedasí’s first large scale shopping center, now under development in Pedasí. Once completed, it will cover 5000-7000m2 with 15 commercial spaces, most notably a full-service supermarket as well as offices and a hotel.

Development is taking place in several phases. Phase 1 is set to begin in 2012 with the construction of 6-12 office spaces. Office tenants will include a bank, car rental company, law firm, wine bar and a variety of boutiques selling clothing, local handicrafts, fresh flowers and more.

Located on the main road of Pedasi town, the Pedasí Plaza will feature top-of-the-line finishes and attractive colonial facades, in keeping with the town’s distinctive charm and character. There will also be extensive parking provided for a comfortable customer experience.

This complementary commercial venture by Dekel Development is being developed to enhance the Pedasi community and nearby communities through job creation, providing a stronger commercial infrastructure, and to supplement the needs of residents and visitors by offering a broader range of services and goods in the immediate area. As such, leases will be attractively priced to encourage local merchant participation and support their roles in the growth of the local economy.

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